Let’s make a flash mob!



A flash mob is a collective artistic performance during which a group of people rapidly gather and perform commonly an unusual act and then quickly scatter.

Target group

Teenagers, adults

Number of participants

Any number of participants could be included, however around 30-50 participants would be the best to get involved. At least one trainer/facilitator should be involved. There should be also at least 1-2 people making audio-visual recordings. You would need someone to edit the movie and to share it in social media.


Outdoor / indoor public spaces. It can be a city square, a crowded street, a beach, but also a metro station or an airport hall.


No materials usually are needed. However, it could be some common elements of the participants outfit (such as t-shirts in the same colours or bandanas). Some other materials that could be used include simple musical instruments (for example shakers or ukuleles). In case you playback sound/music recording, you should organise a loud portable stereo that can operate without the need to connect it to the electricity.


A good method to catch the attention of audience in a crowded public space. It is often used as an impressive material for audio-visual recordings to be shared in social media.

Step by step instructions

Step 1. Creative idea
The participants/facilitator should develop an original idea for the flash mob that is different from the previous flash mobs performed worldwide. To get acquainted with previous flash mobs, the group should watch some recordings of flash mobs which are available widely on Internet. Eventually, participants could decide to perform or modify one of the existing flash mobs. The flash mob can include dance, singing, as well as playing instruments, or drama elements (such as standing still for couple of minutes).

Step 2. The music / sound used.
It is important to decide whether you use music / sound materials during the flash mob, or, conversely, you will use the silence. You could use a certain song or instrumental tune being sung or played be the participants. You could also use playback sound recordings on portable stereo – these could be songs, instrumental music, or soundscape (such bird singing or the sound of seashore).

Step 3. Invent and practice the moves / figures.
You should decide what kind of (body) movement you use during the flash mob. These could include dancing moves or drama elements such as standing still or lying on the ground. There should be someone (such as choreographer) who could help to invent and rehearse common movements. You could practice these movements in smaller groups. As good the movement are practiced by the group so the effect of the flash mob would be better. It should impress the audience.

Step 4. Date and place
Make decision where and when your flash mob would take place. Some of the best places are high-traffic public spaces in which the audience can be surprised by uncommon collective activity. It is good to choose the date during the week (not necessarily the weekend) in the location’s busies hours.

Step 5. Keep the event in secret and surprise the audience.
The performance of a flash mob should be kept in secret, until it starts, to surprise its audience. Before the beginning of the performance, you should decide where to place the participants in the location and how / when to begin. To astonish the flash mob audience is essential.

Step 6. Record the flash mob.
Usually flash mobs are recorded in case to share it on social media. You could use one or multiple mobile phones for the audio-visual recording. You can use some more sophisticated equipment as well such as HD camera and professional audio recorder. However, you must consider the postrpoduction process for editing the materials. If you have too much and to heavy multimedia files, the final editing would by more time and CPU consuming. Make sure you have at least one audio-video (camera) operator, that is inside the flash mob. The other one should record the whole performance including the audience reactions. The wide shot will picture the scale of your flash mob.

Step 7. Share the recording of the flash mob
After you performed the flash mob, it can be still used to promote your message. You should edit the recorded files into the coherent movie, and, subsequently, share it on the Interent. You can use simple programs to do video edition or find a professional. The goal is to finalise the short movie that can be shared on social media. You can create links of the movie and share it on social media as well.

Tips for the trainer

You can check this video to see some of the well-known flash mobs previously performed worldwide:

Any other comment

Have fun!