How to navigate the toolboxes

Two different toolboxes provide creative and activist materials for youth workers and young people.

1. Good art must touch your heart! – The Creative and Artistic methodologies Toolbox

This toolbox offers two types of materials:

Artistic and Creative Good practices: a collection of already existing artistic and creative materials, methods and activities used by youth workers and artists working with young people;

New Artistic and Creative Methods: a collection of artistic and creative methods created by artists and youth workers within the project My Creativity – My Power.  These new methods were developed, used and tested with the young people taking part in the My Creativity – My Power project’s workshops (look at “our experience” to know about the three international creative, artistic, activist and advocacy workshops done within the project).


2. Rise up! - The Advocacy and Activist methodologies Toolbox

This toolbox offers materials for political and activist work with young people.

  • A collection of methods designed by NGOs and artists regarding advocacy and activism for young people will enhance youth work and inspire teachers. These methods were tested and used within the project My Creativity – My Power. This toolbox focuses on political work like formulating demands, organizing a street action or a discussion with politicians.