Video&social media for change



Participants reflect and practice on how to use video for social

Target group

15-24 years

Number of participants

3-50 participants, 1-2 trainers


A room with multimedia equipment

Time needed

2-4 hours


Phones and social media accounts for participants, computer and projector for facilitators


For youth to reflect on how to create an awareness campaigning on their social media, using different arts to share their message.

Step by step instructions

1. Basic info on video forms, good examples of youth advocacy and campaign on social media
2. Youth decides on their own topic
3. Critical perspective on media: open group reflections on ethics
4. Youth takes over the facilitation with making a plan for their own campaign (connected to a certain event in the community or a topic) on insta stories and tik tok, decides on the hashtag, etc.
5. Principles of (digital) storytelling: share with youth some principles of storytelling, find good examples of digital storytelling
6. The group starts creating creative digital material for video campaign
7. Posting the campaign on social media

Tips for the trainer

The trainer and participants should have basic knowledge in video making and editing.