News for Change



Participants go through analyzing the media on a collectively chosen topic, each looking at the reporting of different local media on the same topic (phase of research and gathering the material). Through group reflection they debate on ethics, biased reporting, fact checking, algorithms and principles of satire. As the last step they collectively create a news satire (short mockumentary).

Target group

15-24 years

Number of participants

3-50 participants, 1-2 trainers


Multimedia room

Time needed

8 hours


Phones with cameras for participants


To improve critical literacy of youth through a creative process and observation of media. Participants should already have some background knowledge on video making in order to be able to use techniques they want to use.

Step by step instructions

Step 1.
The group chooses the topic (climate change, human rights, wars, forest fires, etc.) - it needs to be specific.
Step 2.
Divide the participants into small groups. Each participant starts researching on their phones for local media reporting on their chosen topic. Each group collects the facts presented in different media.
Step 3.
Each group presents the findings of their research.
Step 4.
Open group reflecting on biased narration, fact checking, ethics in reporting.
Step 5.
Present the principles of satire.
Step 6.
Participants create their own video satire on the news on the chosen topic.
Step 7.
Trainer and participants together edit a short video clip of news

Tips for the trainer

The trainer and participants should have basic knowledge in video making and editing.