„You are welcome“ – Song



The whole group sings together the song to welcome each other and get to know the different languages spoken in a group. A new text is made for a well-known melody (Are you sleeping, Bruder Jakob, Frère Jacques…)

Target group

Well suited for the introductory phase with large groups with different language spoken.

Number of participants

Doesn't matter, works well with very large groups too.


one room according the number of the participants, all of them should be able to stand in a circle

Time needed

Approx. 25 mins


Flipchart, markers, tape to hang flipchart papers.


To welcome a new group, a nice starting exercise for big group meetings

Step by step instructions

Step 1:
The whole group stands in a circle and audition for the first time the melody and immediately sings together on: "Lalalala..."
Step 2:
New English lyrics are introduced and auditioned.
Text examples (Polish, Slovenian, French, German, Italian, Arabic see below) are shown to the participants.
Now ask each language group for a corresponding text in their language and write it down (flipchart).
Practice the correct pronunciation: this can be done in small groups as well as one for all participants. The text in each "new" language is spoken by all first, then sung.
Step 3:
Then the group is divided into different groups (each language one group): it is important that each group sings in a language that is not their native language.
Step 4:
The order of the languages is arranged, by e.g., the geography (from south to north) and the groups start singing one after the other the song.
Step 5:
Canon option; the whole group can sing a canon. This may require a coordinator to ensure a consistent tempo.

Tips for the trainer

It helps to practice the pronunciation a couple of times. The trainer should ensure a consistent tempo when practicing the song, especially when it is practiced as a canon.

Any other comment

The lyrics used for this practice (the chosen languages can of course be adapted to the context):

You are welcome, you are welcome
Here with us, here with us
Let us sing together, let us sing together
You and me, you and me.

M. Taubert-Witz

Bist willkommen
Hier bei uns
Singen wir zusammen
Du und ich

M. Taubert-Witz

Qui da noi
Noi suoniamo insieme
Io e tu

G. Schweigkofler-Wienerberger

La chez nous
Nous jouons ensemble
Toi et moi

M. Taubert-Witz

Tu pri nas
Zdaj zapojva skupaj
Ti in jaz

Team Slovenia from My Creativity – My Power

Witam ciebie
Tu i dziś
Zaśpiewajmy razem
Ja i ty

Team Poland from My Creativity – My Power

Xosh Aa ma died (pronounced: chosch a ma did)
Indja pische maa (pronounced: indscha …)
Mi khaa nim maa baa ham (pronounced: mi cha nim ma ba ham)
To wa man